Monday, April 11, 2011

Funny Kid

Everyone always tells us how funny Ella is and we usually say something like, "Yeah, she thinks she's funny!" but the truth of the matter is - she is really, really funny. There are so many times I have to turn away when she is doing something naughty so that I don't laugh and encourage her.

Let's take today for example. This week is Spirit Week at daycare and today was crazy hat/hair day. Ella decided that she would partake in the hat portion, so we got dressed and of course had to take pictures. When I asked her to smile she began posing as if she had just walked off of the runway. I mean, yes I know those girls/posers that strike the same move whenever a camera appears, but that is not me - so where in the world is she learning this stuff. Ceases to amaze me.
(The first photo is definitely a product of "Naughty Aunty Merl.")
Then tonight as we sat down to eat dinner she proceeded to tell her daddy that she didn't like him, which was funny - but Joe didn't seem to think so. I guess... I didn't think it was so funny when she told me she was going to shop for a new mommy while I am gone traveling this week.

That dinner story really doesn't compare to yesterdays lunch though. We had decided to sit down to eat a quick lunch and Joe made himself a hotdog. Since we were out of ketchup he settled for mustard, but he decorated it exactly the same as the hot dog on the bottle, complete with zig zags and all. As he brought it over to show Ella she was amazed and when he showed her the bottle of mustard she said in awe, "Oh my God!" I wish I had it on video because her face and voice was amazing!

Not only is Ella funny, but she also has an amazing memory. A few weeks ago she went to Grandma & Grandpa Stevenson's on a Thursday afternoon after swimming lessons. This past Thursday when Ella got out of bed I asked if she was excited for swimming that day. Of course she said she was, but she followed it up with, "Grandma & Grandpa Bobs?" I tried to explain that she can't go to Grandma & Grandpa's every Thursday and in the middle of my sentence, before I could even finish - she looked at me and with a swirl of her pointer finger said, "Pack it up! Grandpa Bob pick me up." Her tone of voice was as if she was saying, "Woman - grab my bags!"