Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Poop in a Cup

I started this blog to make sure I wrote down all the funny things Ella did each day, but have been doing a bad job at that lately. I swear there is a story for

On Saturday Ella was in desperate need of a bath, so I filled it up and plopped her in. Since she is contained, I have been using bath time to be super productive. Ella's room looked like a tornado had rolled through so I thought I would pick it up.

After she had been in the tub for quite some time she yelled, "Mom, I have to go potty." So I went into the bathroom and as I was reaching in to get her she shoved a cup in my face and said, "Here - I pooped in the tub." As I grabbed the cup and peered in I saw that it was filled with poop and water!
I shrieked, "Ella Marie Leschisin, what are you doing? That is very naughty. Why would you poop in the tub?" She replied, "I had to go potty mom, no big deal."

I emptied the contents of the cup into the toilet and sat her down to finish her business. I then set out to determine exactly what had happened and just how gross it was.

Mom: Did you accidentally poop in the tub and scoop it up with the cup?
Ella: No, I poop in the cup and I got some on my hands (makes a yucky face while wrinkling her nose.)
Mom: We definitely need to wash your hands.
Ella: Mom I had to go potty so I pooped in the cup and a little came out. No big deal.

The kid literally sat on a tiny cup, pooped and as she was lifting it out of the water, some escaped. Are you kidding me? I could never make this shit (literally) up!

This cup that she pooped in, well it's (was - it's tossed now) small to say the least. I couldn't be mad at her, I was impressed by her impeccable precision. I was laughing so hard because she looked at me as if I were dumb that I hadn't thought of her solution sooner.

What a creative thinker!