Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Mine

When Ella came into this world I was overjoyed with excitement for this beautiful little girl, but at the same time felt a tad slighted by the uphill battle we would inevitably face.

For those that know me, you know I LOVE music and it has definitely helped to get me through some challenging times in life. From the day Ella was born I have sang her the same song every night before she goes to sleep. Initially it was something that I enjoyed and made me feel better, but now that Ella is getting older it's become something that we both love. Every night after we read our stories and tuck all of her friends into bed she asks, "Baby song?"

She is referring to Baby Mine from Dumbo. I don't remember watching this movie as a child
(I have no memory), but I do know as an adult I love it and it's pretty deep for a Disney film! 

I prefer this version (video unrelated) because in the word's of JL, "that Alison sure can sing!"
The lyrics of the song really are absolutely perfect for Ella:
"If they knew sweet little you
They'd end up loving you too."

Like me, Ella loves music too. She loves to sing and dance to almost anything. Lately she has started to sing along during our night time concerts! The first time it happened I could barely contain my laughter and continue to sing on. I mean, this isn't a typical nursery song that 2 year olds sing along to. It is so adorable that I decided I had to get it on tape and share.

I REALLY can't believe I am going to put my voice
online, but Ella is so sweet it's truly worth it.

Ella - always remember to "let those eyes sparkle and shine." ♥ momma 


  1. I love your voice. You just wait, some big shot music producer mama is gonna hear this and book you that instant. Ella and I will be your back up dancers. We only have one move though... "uhhh huh UHHH!" complete with finger wagging.

    Also-this post proves you can blog. Every entry doesn't have to be be a piece of literary genius. This was short, incredibly sweet and meaningful. Now keep it up. Can't wait to see you soon!

  2. Thank you Kelly for sharing a beautifully tender and precious moment with your daughter. It made me cry of course because I love you both and am incredibly proud of both of you. Keep singing!!!!! :)

  3. Beautiful Kelly!!! Brought tears to my eyes!

  4. Dad and I listened to this tonight and we both cried! :)Such a beautiful moment.

  5. Kelly I sing the boys the same song before bed every night! I loved it when I was a little girl and started singing it to Terryn when he was born, and now Canon :)