Sunday, May 20, 2012

T_R_ I _ _ _ 3's

I love weekends! Even though they are usually filled with 1,000,000 projects - the fact that I don't have to go to work and am able to spend the entire time with my family, makes them pretty fantastic in my book. Especially considering week nights are so short-lived; by the time we finally get home, eat and give Ella a bath - we barely get any time with her.

This past weekend was a bit different. Yes, we still had a million things on the to-do list, to name a few: move the 5 yards of mulch to finish landscaping, buy and plant flowers, tape and paint the stripes in the nursery and buy & assemble Ella's new bed and dresser. We got most of them accomplished so that's a win, but spending time with Ella was painful to say the least. 

The title of this post could either be Terrific 3's -OR- Terrible 3's and unfortunately I believe we are amidst the latter option. In all honesty, it's impressive that we made it through the weekend and we're all still alive. Not only does she not listen, but she sasses, bosses us around and completely defies EVERY. SINGLE. THING. we say! Tantrums are a regular occurrence and she makes this whining noise that I'm almost positive makes my ears instantly bleed.

Most of the time the frustration comes solely from me because she is usually pretty well-behaved for Joe however, that has changed also. Part of me feels a bit of relief that he finally understands the struggles I go through on a daily-basis, but the other part of me just wants her to listen to someone at this point.....anyone, really!

How bad is she? Well, she REALLY wants a big girl bed and is so proud of, "Getting bigger, to become a big sister." So - we have been bribing her that IF she is good and acts like a big girl, we will buy her the bed she has been waiting for. As you read above, today we finally caved and just bought the bed. This baby is inevitably coming and we need to get his nursery set up, which means we need the crib from her room. At this point, it seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel - so we just bought the stuff today since it was all on sale.
<---She is tiny in her new bed. If only she could be this precious while awake!

Even after giving in - she was still naughty while at the store making the $500 purchase. I tell ya what! I have no idea what we are going to do when there are two children to battle with. For now I will pray that she somehow gets her act together by the time Will is here. Wish us luck, we have 81 days to go!

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