Monday, May 7, 2012

Busy Bee's Part 2

I know my/our life is always crazy hectic and typically I'm able to manage, but as of late it feels like there are too many balls juggling in the air...and they just might drop! Maybe it's the second pregnancy that does that to people.

It started two weeks ago when I had to travel to Kansas City for work and it seems like it's been spinning ever since. To make it even better, I just caught the bus to Milwaukee and I'm currently sitting in an airport waiting to catch one of six flights in two days time for even more work travel. I first fly out to Orlando for one day and then off to LA the next. I get back late Wednesday night only to begin preparing for our neighborhood garage sale. I want to skip it but I think our house may literally explode if we don't get rid of our stuff! Joe seems to think its no big deal but he has never had a rummage and I'm pretty sure doesn't know what goes into the process.

This past weekend we participated in The March of Dimes, March for Babies. It was a little chilly but there was a great turnout and we were able to raise $575 for a good cause. We had some great family and friends walk with us and are hoping to get a team of at least 20 people next year. Go Team Cleft Awareness!

We had a follow up 3D ultrasound last week to ensure the little man is doing well. Even though the doctor didn't show up we were still able to conduct the scans and see him. He was/is super active and everything looked great! His lips and nose look perfect and we didn't see any signs of a cleft palate. He currently weighs 2.5 lbs and is in the 75th percentile-all great news! Since we didn't actually talk to the perinatologist we set up another follow up appt at 32 weeks. Even though going to the hospital is kind of a pain, any excuse to see him is fine by me. We also double checked to make sure he is actually a boy before we sell all of our girl stuff. The tech showed us his goods so lets hope they are right. If not I guess she will be naked and sleeping in a blue, orange and grey nursery, there could be worse things!

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