Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mamma Bird

When I named this blog I didn't intend for my children to actually act like little birds, but it seems that is what's happened.

My maternity leave has been pretty smooth sailing thus far but as of the past few days my little man has become a bit fussy. We try to console him with his nuk, but from the time he was born he's been kind of weird with his pacifier and acts like a little bird when we try to give it to him.
Pinpointing the issue has of course not been that easy! It's no secret that I have struggled with breast feeding, both due to excruciating pain and lack of production. Why don't people tell you how hard that beautiful, natural bonding might be? Perhaps they realize there is no way you will try if you know going in that your nipples might just fall off (if you're lucky) during the process.

Since it was so painful to let him feed directly I have been trying to pump and bottle feed exclusively. Initially it was going well but now I'm unable to produce the 4 oz. I need for each feeding. A few feedings I gave him 3 oz. and he acted as if he might eat his own arm. Maybe he's hungry?

This morning I supplemented with formula for the first time and while it was only 1.5 oz - maybe he's gassy? I can't remember the last poopy diaper I changed and typically he's always dirty. That being said, as I'm writing this - I heard a few toots so maybe the bicycle legs we did earlier helped him to finally work it out.

Parenting is hard, but we must be doing something right because when we went to the two week check up, Will had gained one pound and two inches in a week - weighing in at 9 lb. 3 oz. and 21" long!

Lets not forget about our other little birdy, Ella - she's really more of a turkey though! She's currently with Gma & Gpa Stevenson and her cousins camping. We thought she might miss her little brother too much to go, but she got over that quickly. While we miss her when she's gone we are also looking forward to the break from her 13-year-old attitude. Lately she has been so sassy that she has completely defeated both of us and our parenting skills.
This past weekend we went to Badger Family Fun Day so she could finally meet one of her favorites - Bucky Badger. She was naughty beforehand and probably shouldn't have been allowed to go at all, but when we got there she was a pretty good little girl - especially considering we stood in line for an hour and a half to meet Bucky. As soon as we got back to the car to go home, she went right back to being her diva self and when asked if she had a good time responded, "I did not have a good time and I want a new mom and dad."

She's 3! If we're already experiencing her tantrums and slamming doors, what are we in for when she's actually 13? Pray for us.

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  1. No doubt Ella's strong personality will make her very successful later in life :) Have you had Will checked to see if he is tongue tied?