Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shine vs. Shadow

This past Friday I was lucky enough to spend some time with an old friend who came to meet Will. I was happy he could make the trip since he's been a big part of Ella's life from the start - I'm convinced our weekly lunches are one of the few things that kept me alive during my maternity leave.

While in one of our many conversations that twists and turns into tangents, we talked about how grateful I am that Will is such a chill baby. I stated I was going to soak it all up because I was sure he wouldn't always be this way, especially since he'll grow up with Ella.

My friend replied with something that really got me thinking. He said, "Unless he just gives up." He went on to explain that as the younger brother of a sister and a mother who never stopped talking - sometimes he just gave up because he got sick of fighting to get a word in.

I can easily see how Will could be overshadowed by Ella's large personality and while I greatly value this time where he's quiet and calm - I want him to have the chance to shine too.

While I was home this weekend and surrounded by family, I was comforted to know that Will should have no problem. Even though there are tons of large personalities within our tight knit group, we all find a way to shine. None of us give up. Family gatherings consist of all of us shouting over one another to be able to speak our piece and while that may seem overwhelming to most, I'd like to believe we're all stars.

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