Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Lately it seems I'm always posting things that require deep thought and over analysis, which usually revolves around Ella and somehow what's going on with Will gets put on the back burner.

It's pretty fitting I suppose, after all he's kind of a second thought kid. I don't mean that in a sense that he's not as special as Ella, I just mean he's perfectly content to wait around until we have the time to devote to him. He looks at us as if he's saying, "you look like you have a lot going on, so I'll be over here when you can get to me!" It's pretty amazing. Maybe that's what all second children are like, but nonetheless - we're extremely grateful!

So an update on Will....
He's 5 months old already and has earned the nickname, Moose. He's huge! At our 4 month appointment in December he weighed almost 17 lbs. and was in the 76th percentile for height (26" long). He has mastered rolling over and is working on sitting up on his own - which can be challenging with a head that size!

We started baby food and rice cereal, which has gone really well. He loves the fruit and tolerates all the veggies too. He's such a little pig, that he practically dive bombs the spoon as I'm trying to feed him.

He began drooling pretty badly about a month ago and sure enough a little tooth is starting to make it's way through on the bottom. If it weren't for the drool and the way he aggressively shoves everything in his mouth, we may never have known he was teething though since it hasn't seem to phase him.

He remains one of the most happy, smiling baby's we have ever seen! He sleeps fantastically well, only getting up once per night usually - even if he has soaked his diaper full.

When Will first entered our lives I worried that he might be overshadowed by his sister, but those fears have since passed. He may have started out much quieter than Ella, but he has quickly caught up and is extremely talkative. He is constantly giggling, squealing, yelling, babbling and entertaining us all.

His sister loves him very much! She talks about how she can't wait for him to get bigger so she can share her toys with him and is constantly giving him her toys when he shows the slightest bit of interest.

Will has been the best addition to our family and we are extremely blessed to have two beautiful children that fill our house full of so much love and entertainment. We have enjoyed watching Ella grow and can't wait to see Will do the same!

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