Thursday, August 8, 2013

Boggling Bravery

Ella went into surgery around 7:45 a.m. this morning and as I sit here patiently (ha!) waiting for the next few hours, I cannot get over how brave that little girl is. It's honestly mind boggling.

For those of you who have ever experienced surgery, especially for little kids, it's typical for one parent to accompany them into the OR as they are put under. We have always chose to not go in because we felt it would be easier for both the kiddo's and quite honestly, easier on us. Regardless of that decision, it's normal for you to walk with the team down to the OR and then pass off your precious bundles to the medical staff.

Even though we've let Ella go in alone in the past, I thought today might be different since she's older now and more aware of the situation. When the children's coordinator (which is genius might I add) came in, I asked if she would like either Joe or myself to go with her into surgery. She quickly replied that she wanted to go alone. I wasn't surprised but I thought she might change her mind. As it became time to make the trek to the OR we all prepared to walk together and she promptly said she wanted to go alone. I explained that she could go into surgery by herself but we'd like to walk with her. She caved and let us all go with.

As we walked down she was pretty quiet so I thought she might be starting to second guess her decisions. When we got to the dreaded double doors she met her nurses and it was time for us to part ways. As I went to give her a hug I could have sworn she was going to freak out at the last minute and instead she pushed me away mid-hug and was ready to go!

While I'm so proud of her and impressed by her courage, I just can't believe there wasn't a second in her mind that she might have wanted some support from her parents. Joe says it's because she doesn't fully know what's going on, but I completely disagree. We have talked about this surgery for the last 6 months. She knows in depth everything that's going to happen, right down to the scalpel. Even IF she didn't realize the extent of what was happening, she doesn't know a single person in that terrifying room. As someone who's never personally experienced surgery, the OR is intimidating space for me and I'm an adult.

I started this blog to document our lives and I hope when Ella is big enough to read this she will look back a this post and know that she is my hero. She is by far the bravest, most courageous little person I have ever met. She is going to do great things and conquer the world!


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  2. She's an awesome kid. Hope the surgery went really well.


  3. This brings tears to my eyes...go Ella! We have always experienced the same with our son and I always, always think the same as hero!!

  4. I had some serious surgeries as a child, and I came to the conclusion that I HAD to go through them alone....even though my parents would (and did) try to be there for me. Just one of the things children learn from their own experiences.

  5. Such a great post! Now I know how my mom felt when I would go skipping into surgery with the nurses! :) Hope her recovery is fast and uneventful!