Monday, August 5, 2013

Time Stand Still

Yesterday my baby turned 1. While it's an amazing thing to watch your children grow - it was a tough day for me. I wish I could find a way to make time stand still. I love this age.

Will learns something new every day. He smiles, laughs and squeals all the time - just to get a bit of attention. He's on the move, crawling everywhere - even up the steps (all the time)!

He still eats like a beast, but now it includes solids too! He loves pretty much everything, especially blueberries. He thinks it's hilarious to throw his food on the floor whenever he feels like it. The dogs don't seem to mind, but I'm not a huge fan of the ants he's attracting as well.

I'm currently his favorite person on Earth. I wish that would last forever. He loves to play with me, tackle me, snuggle with me - really just anything that involves me. I'm sure I'll want to pay great amounts of money for that attention in 12 years.

While his birthday was a bit sad, we had a great time at the zoo. The weather was beautiful and the animals were at their finest. We were able to see the chimps playing up close and personal, the sea lions preparing to be fed and the tiger bathing himself. While checking out the giraffes the zookeeper randomly chose us to go back to feed them. It was the coolest experience and both kiddo's loved it. I knew they had long black tongues, but I did not know they were that soft. I was expecting something much more coarse!

After we finished the zoo, we returned home for some cake. I thought Will loved blueberries, but it stands no chance in comparison to cake. He ate every last bite and was so full of sugar that he was up til 10 p.m.