Thursday, April 19, 2012

16 to Go

I can't believe I'm 24 weeks pregnant already, it seems like yesterday I was holding the positive test in my hands! Even though we have 16 weeks (give or take) to go it seems like we have 1,000,000 projects that need to be handled before our little man is here. I have yet to purchase a single piece of boys clothing!

We were able to select paint colors for the nursery and have moved most of Joe's office items out of the room, now we just need to actually make the time to paint and tape the perfectly symmetrical stripes I want to go throughout the room. I don't think Joe is looking forward to it :D

When I was pregnant with Ella I was scared senseless so I reassured her everyday that she could stay in as long as she liked. It was a pretty easy pregnancy and I tell her all the time how grateful I am for how nicely she treated me. Little Will is a bit different. I'm not sure if it's because he is a boy or if it's the fact that it's my second pregnancy, but he is definitely not as nice.

He sits MUCH lower than Ella which has been causing a lot of pain in my lower back (already). I tried going to the chiropractor for the first time ever, but it required me to go all the time and I wasn't sure it was helping so I stopped and am trying to manage it on my own. I have had constant headaches almost daily - which probably has something to do with my back issues too. Whatever way you look at it, I'm a mess!

I am fortunate to not have had morning sickness with either baby.... but that doesn't mean I haven't felt ill. With Ella I wouldn't have known I was pregnant if it wasn't for the extra 40 lbs. I was carrying around. With Will I can barely eat a thing without being in discomfort.

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon and I am looking forward to seeing how much I'm measuring and how the little man is doing. I definitely know he is still in there based on how often he kicks me! Don't get me wrong - I am not complaining. I like the continuous reminder of how lucky our family is to have him and the reassurance that he is doing well.

<-------------Ella in the bathtub drawing a picture of her and her new brother :)

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