Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Ferdinand

When we first found out we were pregnant we created a short list of names for both boys and girls, but if we had a boy we were pretty sure we were set on one name. That was until we found out for sure we were having a boy. Once it became a reality I started to doubt my choices and wanted more time to think it over.

We joked with Ella (once known as Norma) we would name the baby Ferdinand, but I think she started to take us seriously because now when we ask her to tell everyone the baby's name she responds, "Ferdinand!" It's quite impressive since she enunciates it so clearly that you can understand her, which is a rarity for her.

When Joe started to refer to the baby by his potential name- I knew we were done with the selection process. So come August we will welcome little William Robert Leschisin. We won't call him William or Willy or Bill or Billy Bob - just Will. It's simple and strong and just the right fit for us and hopefully him. 

From today we have exactly four months to go and we will need that time - not only to finish the 1,000 projects we have left, but to talk Ella into what a great name Will is. While she might also be joking about Ferdinand, she really does want to name him Henry. Every time she tells people Ferdinand we correct her and say, "No honey what's the baby's real name?" to which she replies, "Henry." We then follow it up with - "No... honey that's not his name." She then puts her hands on her hips and replies, "Why not? Henry's a good name!"

*Side note: The above image is a tool from BabyZone that I used when we were expecting Ella. I dug all night long trying to find it and when I finally did it returned the same definition as it showed for Ella. I assumed it was broken and wasn't going to use it however I tested 10 different name variations that all returned different results. That can only mean our name selection is more perfect than even we realized and more importantly, we are doomed because it seems this child will be just like Ella!!


  1. Kelly, This reminds me of our naming process when I was pregnant with Bella. Ben and I had decided on a name that we loved and we were set on it. We told the name to Connor and he said "No, her name is Bella". Well obviously you can see how this story ends...Connor was so determined that her name was going to be Bella, and everytime we told him no thats not going to be her name he was so mad. When people would ask him what his sisters name was going to be he always said Bella and he was so sure of it. Thankfully for all of us, Bella started to grow on us and then we started to love it and that's how she got her name, from her 3 year old brother! All this to say, he could end up to be a Ferdinand or just never know!:)

  2. Since Ella is over 3 years old it was quite challenging to find the original source that I used. I spent the entire night searching and ended up cheating and found a cached version.
    For anyone interested in seeing what their children's names mean use this link: